Helping a friend with her line of raw pressed juices is what set Sangita Garg on the path to launching Attagirl, combining her passion for healthy eating with her love for all things dosa.

Attagirl now makes a range of idli and dosa batters with the freshest ingredients for retail across Mumbai. The challenge for us was how best to showcase the entire Attagirl product range while highlighting the freshness and variety of ingredients in each batter.

What we decided was to use our superlative skills to illustrate each product with an ingredient card, so that visitors to the Attagirl website could have a simple, direct view at what goes into her batters – full transparency, all-natural, no nonsense.

We started by listing down every single ingredient in each batter and then went about carefully sketching out each of them. Spoons heaped with flour and spices. Little piles of grain, herbs and seeds. Chillies. And onions. And coconuts. And salt. And spinach. And beetroot. And ginger. And more spices. My my.

And of course, your morning breakfast dosa just isn’t complete without a warm bowl of sambhar, or at least a pungent, spicy chutney, is it? To showcase each of Sangita’s delicious batters, we created recipe cards for her favourite accompaniments to each breakfast dish. Chutneys and sambar and theeyal with the cutest little illustrated recipes for each.

Stomachs rumbled in the making of these. And we may have consumed excessive plates of dosas in the process. But the outcome was as tasty as any of Attagirl’s batters.


  • Shalaka Pai

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