Work we do

Hand drawn or digital

Logos, typography, mascots, murals and brand markers

Concept, script and production

Short films, corporate films, animated shorts and product showcases

Layouts and mockups

Print or digital layouts, packaging and environmental design

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  • For the past several years, October has been a month for illustrators to flex their skills, or just get some analog practice, thanks to a community event called Inktober. However, this year, a large part of the community is boycotting Jake Parker's official Inktober hashtag and prompts; here's why. But that's only meant that more and more artists and organizations have put up their own prompt list for everyone to share and enjoy.

  • If you're one of those people that begins their morning scrolling through Instagram, you may have noticed the #36daysoftype hashtag take over your feed on a yearly basis. So what on earth is this thing anyway? 36 Days of Type is a project started by Barcelona-based designers Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea, inviting illustrators, designers and graphic artists to reinterpret the alphabet, designing a letter or a number each day.

  • Our creative process is characterised more by rule-breaking than rule-following. We follow a minimalist framework that keeps us on course - a creative shorthand constructed from years of working with each other and an insistence on keeping things simple for our customers.

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